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30 Days to a Better You Challenge !


Making changes in his life is not necessarily easy task, especially when trying to create new lifestyle habits. That’s why in this challenge I suggest you take the time go slowly over a period of 12 months, instead of going at high speed in your new year’s resolutions. Every month we will explore a new theme and based on this theme we will set 3 resolutions for the coming month, so after this year you will be able to find that little by little you have created new lifestyle habits .

Here are the 12 themes of the year.

1 month: Staying in the present moment
2nd month: Creating better relationships
3rd month: Be more active
4th Month : Pursuing My Dreams
5th month: More Fresh food on my plate
6th Month: Be more creative
7th month: Have more gratitude
8th month: Be more organized
9th month: Putting more Healthy Food in My Plate
10th month: Take Time for yourself
11th month: Be more curious
12th month: Give back !

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31 days challenge

31 days challenge

31 days challenge

31 days challenge

30 Days challenge to a better you

Are you ready for big changes  !?!?

Let’s do this !!


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