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March Challenge: Be more Active

  • March 1, 2017
  • By Sophie
March Challenge: Be more Active

I am quite aware that it is not always easy to find the motivation to be more active. I have been a fitness center owner for several years, and I have seen so many people discourage and let go after barely a month. It was at this point that I wondered how to make people understand that being more active in their life will bring them so many positive things, all you have to do is to give yourself  some time for this new routine to become a habit in your life .

There is no need to subscribe to a gym or a course, just take small steps! For example, walk 3 times a week, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from our destination to allow us to walk a little longer, etc.

So by now I’m pretty sure you know, practicing physical activity is a must to stay healthy! You also know what you should do, but it’s so easy to find excuses … Here are some practical tips to get you moving .

1.Find time

It takes only 30 minutes of moderate to high physical exercise five days a week to improve your health and stay in shape. Have a look at your schedule and find 150 minutes a week to do your exercises.

2. Choose activities that you like.

It’s not a good idea to start running or cycling if you hate it; You will inevitably end up dropping. If you want to become active and above all stay active, it is essential to practice physical activities that you like to make you want to repeat the experience.

3. Set yourself a realistic goal.

Just have a personal goal to keep your motivation intact. But be realistic though! If you place the bar too high, you risk abandoning. Also remember to record your goal and keep it in view; This will help you to visualize your intentions!

4.Be active in your own way.

The important thing is to move as often as possible, no matter how!

5.Try something new

Exercise does not mean simply running on a treadmill. There are new activities that suit all tastes and allow you to be more active .

6.Playing with your kids 

Kids usually love kicking balls in a park,running or even strolling. It’s a good way to have a family moment and at the same time be active .

7.Find someone to be active with

Even if you only try to get into the habit of walking every day, having someone with whom to move can make a big difference. This will encourage you to meet your commitments.

8.Set up a reward system.

Rewarding yourself for successfully introducing a new activity into your life will help you stick to it. Set yourself a reward system for when you reach your goals .

Here is my 3 resolutions for this month :

  1. Always take the stairs
  2. I have a fit bit, and I mostly do 10 000 steps per day, so now I will set a new goal for 12 000 steps a day for at least 5 days  a week.
  3. I love to dance, so everyday I will put my favorite music and I have fun  dancing around the house,Don’t worry my hubby and my kids are use to it 😉 It will just be a happy moment that will get me moving !

So that’s it’s for this challenge guys ! Let’s got, let’s start moving a lot more this month and I’m sure you will appreciate the new energy that will come with it.

To help you stay motivated, track your daily steps; and keep notes on how you feel, how your body improves, or other changes you make to improve your health.

I hope you will start this challenge and if you would like to share your resolutions for this month , please feel free to do so in the comments below !
If you like to find out more about the next challenges to come, you can visit the page 30 DAYS TO A BETTER YOU

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¨Your Fitness Is 100% Mental. Your Body Won’t Go If Your Mind Doesn’t Push It.¨

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By Sophie, March 1, 2017
  • 2
  • Bepa
    March 2, 2017

    Hi Sophie
    1. For this month resolution I am going to do 10 minutes workout with Tracy Anderson’s video (every day different exercise)
    2. Dance with my favorite music (three songs) using 2 pounds dumbbell.
    3. 100 Jumping jacks (4X25)
    4. 30 crunches
    5. Walk my dog 30-60 minutes.
    I will also write diary of my daily exercise.

    • Sophie
      March 10, 2017

      Wow you have 5 resolutions ! It’s fantastic, you are going to have so much more energy !!!

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