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Where to shop in Paris

  • September 18, 2016
  • By Sophie
Where to shop in Paris

I love to shop in Paris ! I always reserve a day or two of shopping when I’m there. You can find everything, from luxury boutiques, small designer shops, fine food shops and even flea markets,

For savvy consumers, there are two periods of sales in the year.

  • Sales period in summer starts generally around june 25.
  • Sales Winter period starts around the January 8.


Here a list of the shops I don’t want to miss when I’m in Paris:

Repetto Paris:

Repetto, is the French shoe by excellence, inspired by the magical world of dance and ballet, you will find a profusion of flats (and other style), super comfortable and authentic.


The Galeries Lafayette :

A must in Paris where you can find all the big brands, but I advise you not to go during the weekend, because it is packed with people.


Prinptemps :

It is in the same niche as the Lafayette galleries, they are just side by side so why not do both!

La grande épicerie:

Where you can find mainly food products and plenty are local specialties.


Ah Paris lingerie! This is the place where you can find all the amazing brand.


Les marais:

And to finish you should also go to the area of le marais for your shopping, you will find lots of little shops trendy designers where you can buy original things. Also it’s so much fun to walk in the neighborhood.






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By Sophie, September 18, 2016
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