10 summer family fun activities

Most children finish school in less than a week! So now it’s time to find activities for the summer. Being the mom of two wonderful boys, it is very important for me to spend as much time as possible with them. In this context and as I am my own boss, I always take the summer off with my kids. Today I have a teenager and a pre-teen. Wow that went by sooo fast ! I am sometimes nostalgic, but I sincerely love having big boys at home, it’s really a wonderful age. Having said that today it will cover 10 tops summer activities that we did over the years and has been a success for the whole family.


1. Be a tourist in your own town 

In many large cities you can found guides offering their services. Just give him a tip at the end of the visit according to the number of people spanking part of your family. You can also go f to the tourist office in your area, I’m sure you’ll find plenty information.


2. Birdwatching 


For this activity I also like to book the help of a guide or participated in an activity organized by ornithologists groups. So that way we have access to a lot of informations.


3. Family cooking class 

I love to cook and it was important for me to give this example to my children. We have taken several courses together and I confess that I learn as much as them! Now that my boys are older, during summer they have to prepare a meal one night a week but I’m always at their disposal if they need me.


4. Explore a cave


If you have kids, you probably know Minecraft! Explore a cave and you will see their imaginations running at full speed!


5. Go watch the sunset 

As a photograph the magic hour is without hesitation the sunset. Found a place in your area where the sunset view is splendid. If possible go to the ice cream store before. Sunset with an ice cream cone is pure happiness!


6. Do a road trip

My husband and I like to surprise the kids with small road trip. We tell them at the last minute and go for adventure!


7. YouTube night 

This activity will be geared more for older children, but now that I have teenagers at home I had to adapted my self. When the day looks like is going to be rainy and gloomy, I tell the boys in the morning we will do a  you tube night. Then during the day they must find videos (not too long) they want to share with us. In the evening we connect to the Apple TV and everyone share the videos that they found. We do laugh a lot during these evenings.


8. Play photographers 


Each of my boys has their own little cameras. We leave with our equipment and explored to find a good shooting spot. When we get home I put the photographs taken on my computer, and I always find beautiful images they have captured. (I even made a montage of the best photos of each, they now have it on a wall of their room.)


9. Water gun battle

A classic, but so much fun! Expect to be the favorite target of your children!


10. Pool party 


Whether is with there friends or just our family, pool party have always been popular in our home. Dance music, snacks, fresh drinks and the sun and let the party begin !

So this is the list of activities that we have done and loved as a family. I firmly believe that spending time with your kid is a wise investment and that can be fun for all. Let me know your favorite activities especially if you have teenagers because inspiration can go missing sometimes!



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  1. Oh my, j’adore l’idée de la soirée Youtube!!! Je veux le faire!! Hahaha… j’ai un peu peur des vidéos qui vont se présenter à cette soirée par contre haha 😉

    • Lol ! Isabelle, tu vas voir c’est vraiment super drôle les vidéos qui peuvent nous montrer ! Les gars adorent ça, ils feraient la soirée you tube tous les soirs. 🙂