A little bit about me 

Blogger, entrepreneur, world traveler, photograph. Passionate about cooking, travel, and wellness.  I live to the fullest and make the most of the present moment. 


Summary of the categories you find on Noble Tandem:



I believe food should taste good but should also be very nourishing to your body and soul. So this is why I specialize in healthy recipes that taste sooooooo delicious and are easy to make. I’m an accomplished epicurean and I love to come up with new recipes ideas.  I have an eclectic taste and a desire to simplify thing in the kitchen. 

houmous and cucumber bites


I travel a lot. I will take you with me through this beautiful planet and make you discover new places. With this in mind I will seek to obtain the informations you need, but more importantly I will share with you my honest experience.

Floating market Bangkok



Well-being: Having owned a gym for several years, health is definitely one of my priorities. Here we will cover physical activity, but also another side that is as important, the inner well-being we will talk about tools that are effective and allow us to reach a level of serenity.

Things to do: Restaurant, family activities, films, books and so on.

be creative, be successful in life

So here’s a little bit of who I am , I very much hope that you will join me in this adventure and will not hesitate to submit your comments, I would really want to know you as well.

For collaborations or for business inquiries: nobletandem@gmail.com