Green bean asian salad

Asian Green Bean

At home we all love green beans. We often find them on our plates as an side dish, like this Asian green bean . It’s really super easy and quick to make and requires few ingredients. These  Asian green beans can also be served as a side dish. It would […]


In summer when it’s hot, I love to make nutritious salads. This one is so fresh and crunchy that I had to share it with you. I (still) bought a crate of mangoes (it’s an obsession …) and I was looking for recipes to cook them. So I decide to […]

quinoa tabouleh

Traditional Tabouleh

I must admit that I have a strong fondness for Mediterranean cuisine in general, and Lebanese cuisine is without a doubt one of my favorite cuisines, full of colors, flavors. This tabouleh recipe is, vegan/dairy free and nut free salad. It’s quick to prepared, within 30 minutes. but most of all […]


Italian Pasta Salad

I really like pasta salads for lunch. This one is delicious with plenty of colors. It’s so much more appetizing when it’s colorful don’t you think !?! In this recipe we have a nice balance of soft, crisp, salty and sweet! It’s a salad enough to support a meal, but […]

Fries rice with edamame

Fries Rice with Edamame

Who wants a bowl of fried vegan rice for lunch? I love to do this kind of meal for lunch. It’seasy and relatively quick to do, complete and meatless.  If you love Asian food, this fried basmati rice recipe is for you! iIt’s ready in 35 minutes top, here you have […]

Arugula Hummus

Arugula Hummus

Hummus comes from the Middle Eas, it’s made from chickpeas, sesame puree, lemon juice and garlic. This creamy paste is easy and quick to make yourself. It is a staple of the Lebanese mezze and the Algerian and Tunisian kemias which consist of an assortment of small dishes that are […]

Very Veggies Salad

Very Veggies Salad

There are just a couple of ways I can motivate my kids to eat broccoli and really appreciate it. One of these ways is to serving it into a salad. This delectable Very Veggies Salad is very colorful and sooo delicious! Furthermore it’s pressed with nutritious ingredients! This Very Veggies […]

summer vegetable rice

Very veggie rice

A lot of combinations work here, you can certainly add broccoli or celery, etc. But for this version , I went with tomatoes, pepper, black olives and peas, they go perfectly together with their texture . Dinner doesn’t get any more basic than this very veggie rice . I call […]

vegan tzatziki

Vegan Tzatziki Sauce

Cooking can sometimes take a lot of work. We do not necessarily have all day to spend in the kitchen. Most of my vegan sauces and dips are really quick and simply to make and they last a good 5 days in the This recipe is absolutely fantastic, honestly no […]

onion marmalade

The Best Onion Jam

Ah onion jam, I could eat it in all my dishes I love it so much! I discovered this dish when I was traveling in Paris and since then I’m hooked. You can buy it already prepare at the grocery store, but often the it’s expensive and the one you […]

healthy macaroni salad

Healthy Macaroni Salad

A must in any good buffet, the macaroni salad. Here is a simple healthy recipe, made with Greek yogurt.   Save Print Healthy Macaroni Salad Ingredients For the salad 1½ cup macaroni ½ red and diced green pepper 2 diced celery stalks ¼ cup diced red onion ¼ cup corn […]

The best carrot salad

The best Carrot Salad

A variant on traditional traditional carrot salad. A delicious blend of shredded carrots, raisins,  soya yogurt and a little surprise. Save Print The best Carrot Salad Prep time:  20 mins Total time:  20 mins Ingredients Salad : 8 grated carrots ¾ cup dry raisins 1 coriander bouquet ⅓ cup green […]