La magie des voyages

Bali Paradise on earth

Since I discovered this paradise island I have only one desire; to go back! I consider myself lucky because I went twice already, for those who are not familiar with Bali, this is a beautiful place sometimes called the Island of the Gods. Relatively small islands in Indonesia, an archipelago […]


It’s not necessarily a part of pleasures to travel by plane. I would even say that it’s rather exhausting. So it’s essential to ensure that you have all the elements you need for your well-being during a long flight. As I travel a loT,  I have developed many tips to […]

A night at the Griffith observatory

If you are passing through Los Angeles area, you must go to the Griffith Observatory. From that place you will have a breathtaking view of Los Angeles and the Hollywood letters. Most of the observatory is free. It is ideal to go at sunset as the light is beautiful and […]

Family vacation to Tucson Arizona

Best Family vacation to Tucson, Arizona

Last summer my family and I did had the best family vacation to Tucson Arizon. Many peoples were telling me that it was too warm to visit Arizona in the summer that it wasn’t a good idea. It’s true it was hot, but there was virtually no humidity so the […]

12 amazing days in Iceland

12 Amazing Days in Iceland

I always wanted to go to Iceland, I knew there were so many beautiful places to photograph. So since it wasn’t a family trip, but a trip to deepen my passion for photography I decided to leave during the school period and my husband kindly agreed to stay with the […]

travel essentials

Travel Essentials you need for your next vacation

Happy Friday everyone’s ! It’s always very exciting to travel. But it’s even more fun when you are well organized for your trip. So it’s essential to ensure that you have all the elements you need for your well-being during your trip. As I travel a lot, I have found […]

Where to shop in Paris

I love to shop in Paris ! I always reserve a day or two of shopping when I’m there. You can find everything, from luxury boutiques, small designer shops, fine food shops and even flea markets, For savvy consumers, there are two periods of sales in the year. Sales period […]

The Best Place to Stay in Paris

Ah Paris! I love this city; there is an atmosphere that I don’t find anywhere else! For 15 years now I had the chance to go to Paris for pleasure every year. Since that time I stayed in many places but what I like the most is to rent beautiful […]