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quinoa tabouleh

Traditional Tabouleh

I must admit that I have a strong fondness for Mediterranean cuisine in general, and Lebanese cuisine is without a doubt one of my favorite cuisines, full of colors, flavors. This tabouleh recipe is, vegan/dairy free and nut free salad. It’s quick to prepared, within 30 minutes. but most of all […]

Cauliflower General Tao

Cauliflower General Tao

All the family LOVES this recipe of Cauliflower General Tao. They love it when a veggie dish is a reminder of the “real deal” and it’s even more delicious .  For a long I wanted to make cauliflower with a General Tao sauce, I was sure it was going to […]


Italian Pasta Salad

I really like pasta salads for lunch. This one is delicious with plenty of colors. It’s so much more appetizing when it’s colorful don’t you think !?! In this recipe we have a nice balance of soft, crisp, salty and sweet! It’s a salad enough to support a meal, but […]

Cauliflower Tacos

    Tacos are for me nothing less than the definition of the ideal meal. I never met someone who didn’t like tacos. I like the convivial and festive aspect of the process of preparing and eating tacos. All we have to do is put the ingredients on the table, […]

vegan mac and cheese

Vegan Mac and Cheese

The magic ingredient of this sauce? Cashews! When we look at homemade alternative  to replace cheese, cashews are very often cited for its very creamy side. This recipe of Vegan Mac and Cheese is very simple and only take 30 minutes to make.  The creamy cashew and squash sauce is […]

vegan blueberry pancake

Vegan Blueberry Waffles

I love waffles in all their forms. After all a Sunday without a waffle is like … A Sunday without pancakes: it’s sad (unless you have brunch, there, everything is fine). Moreover, these Vegan Blueberry waffles are perfect for brunch, or to take with you. They can heat up in the toaster […]

fresh food in my plate

More fresh Food in my Plate !

What’s better to begging this new beautiful season with a new 30 days challenge: more Fresh Food in my plate    Local markets are full of these fresh produce. As you buy directly from the producer, you know the origin of the food. These are great thing to do  as a family […]

almond biscotti

Delicious Almond Biscotti

This Italian cookie will make you taste the dolce vita ! A divine treat to be offered without complex at any time! Almond biscotti or crunchy biscuits are cookies that we particularly like in my family. They are small elongated biscuits originating from Italy. Biscotti means “baked twice.” Biscotti is […]

Fries rice with edamame

Fries Rice with Edamame

Who wants a bowl of fried vegan rice for lunch? I love to do this kind of meal for lunch. It’seasy and relatively quick to do, complete and meatless.  If you love Asian food, this fried basmati rice recipe is for you! iIt’s ready in 35 minutes top, here you have […]

Pea and Mint soup

Pea and Mint Soup

The freshness of mint in this  peas and mint soup is sooo and comforting ! Here is a sweet soup that is as delicious hot as cold, it’s also very quick to prepare, which, you start to know me, is not to displease me. In short, this is my new […]

New 31 days challenge : Go after your dream


 In this beautiful  month of April, we will focus on what we really want. I am convinced that when we focus on the things we really want , it becomes a reality and grows from day to day. So if the topic interests you, I would like to present you […]