The secret to stay motivated / Le secret pour rester motivé

We all know we need to exercise to stay young and healthy. I use to own a fitness center for several years so the benefits of physical exercise is not really a secret for me anymore!

That being said I am also very aware that it is not easy to find daily motivation to exercise. So what is the a secret to stay motivated, let’s start because there is things you can do to make sure you do stay motivated


physical activity

I started training late, at the age of 30 when I had my first child . At first I trained sporadically, according to my moods. A few years later, I decided to take a private trainer and I train with her 3 times a week and 2 other times on my own, so 5 times a week I was at the gym yet I really could not say I liked it, it was just oK, but nothing more.

It was a chance that I had a coach to push me a little! So as many of you I stopped my training for almost 1 year. At first I did not feel it make a big difference, but it did not take long before I felt the negative effects: less energy, lack of sleep, I was sick more often, etc. So I started looking for a physical activity that I wanted to do for pleasure and not because I had to.



So this is how I really found the key to success! It’s so simple, it’s important I do physical activity, but even more important to do it with pleasure, otherwise it is almost certain that you will eventually give up. Having a firmer body, weight loss, a more efficient cardio is great, but if pleasure is not part of the whole process is doomed to failure. Research demonstrated that when we have fun we secrete a hormone call endorphin and because of this hormone our body asks for more so this is how we create a simple and enjoyable habit.


I do not know what you like, but before you start investing your energy and money in a physical activity, take time to make a list of things you are passionate about and necessarily physical activity one. Write down everything that passes through your head. After that look at this list and you should see what comes out the most and find out what you would like to do as a physical exercise.

Also, take the time to do an analysis of your lives habits. Are you a morning person or night, do you love being around people, are you an intense person or on the contrary you have a quiet personality.


Yoga concept with young woman

For my part the things that stood out the most was nature, peace, music, and freedom. So after my analysis I came to the conclusion that teams sport or the gym had little to please me. So I opted for a choice more suited to my needs. I started jogging and walking, with that kind of sport I can go when I want, while listening to my music. Hiking was also in my list , this an activity where I can find myself and assured me tranquility. At last yoga is where I find peace of mind and allows me to recharge my batteries. That’s what works for me. I take tremendous pleasure in doing all this activity, it requires no effort on my part to put these into my schedule. It’s been 4 years now that I took time to do this thinking and I assure you that this has made all the difference for me. Physical activities are now an integral part of my lifestyle.


HikersMake this analysis and find a physical activity that suits you perfectly, let me know your results!



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