It’s time to decorate your outdoor space

I love summer ! Here in Quebec we have cold winters with lots of snow, so at the first signs of spring we have only one wish, get outside and enjoy the weather! With the warm temperatures, the blue skies and the sunny days all the reasons are good to find ourselves outside. If you intend to entertain or just relax on your patio, here some easy ideas of decoration to inspire you and improve this space.

Add some cushions:

I recommend you to take the cushions made of specific outdoor tissues so they do not get use too fast in the sun. Why not go with colorful accents if you feel like it, go with bold colors, do not hesitate it’s summer!

I think it’s super important to have a sense of intimacy, even if we end up on the outside. So you can simply add;

Outdoor curtains. You can make this as simple or as sophisticated as you want! Use all the colors that match the rest of your patio furniture!

Privacy screen, they can also be the size that works best for you. Add an additional layer of plants on each side to obscure the view and reduce the noise.

Roman blinds

These are a great way to divide your backyard because they let light in while hiding the view of too nosy neighbors

If you want more ideas, here is a super interesting internet link that will give full of new ideas to create intimacy with a small budget.

Add an outdoor rug:

A outdoor rug give your patio more inviting feel and it is more pleasant to walk barefoot!.

Add Plants 

I usually decorate in groups of three. If you do not know what to put, I would recommend finding some pots that are of similar colors or colors that coordinate well together.


Here in Canada we do not find palm trees, so in the summer I took the opportunity to add beautiful tropical plants on my patio, then for one summer I feel I’m living in the tropics!

For those who love DIY here two link with great outdoor project !

Leave room for lounging:

The way you place your furniture is important because that is what determines whether your space appear larger or smaller.

Let there be light !

Ah I love summer evenings under the candles and dim lights. There is something about the glow of lights that can make the most ordinary space a magical space, and also this type of light is incredibly flattering !




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