Traveling soon? FoodieTrip Promises a “High Touch” Experience That Treats Guides Better, Too

A number of relatively weak options present themselves for food experiences when we travel abroad. One standout: FoodieTrip, which has evolved to capture some of the better relationships across the 120 cities it serves.

Traveling allows you to discover new cultures and see new sights but it’s also a great way to taste local dishes that we would not eat when we’re at home.

Attempting local cuisine–different dishes and snacks– might be what will require the most courage during your travels. Local food sold is often not expensive, very tasty and probably the most important thing in the country. No matter where your travels take you, every country or city has its own specialties.

So after that we’re presented with the age-old travel question: How do we discover local specialties and flavors of the world without ending up at an inauthentic tourist trap? Who eats what? Where and how?

If there is a way to soak in local cultures around the world it is to try local food. Whether dining at food trucks, restaurants, market stalls or food courts, local food provides an authentic approach to a country’s traditional cuisine.

On the other hand, it’s not always easy to find good places to eat when we find ourselves in a place we never been before. Foreign lands cater to the locals, predictably, and in some cases the best goods are kept for the locals. Tourists in some of our favorite locations are in fact steered towards establishments that cater to them–much like a quarantine–and that includes tourist foods, too. This is why you should not hesitate to call on a local guide who can take you to the right places and make you discover the local specialties.

With FoodieTrip it’s easy to find a guide that will take you on unforgettable food and beverage experiences all around their home cities. And what we like about FoodieTrip most is that it actually cares about the guides it works with. We’ve seen FoodieTrip distinguish itself from commercial giants that often integrate room rentals and upsells that, quite frankly, we just don’t need. All you have to do it’s to go on and find the guide of your choice, confirm a tour dates and pay online. After you just need to meet with your Foodie Guide and enjoy a once in a lifetime local food adventure!

Looking for FoodieTrip recipe ideas?


Five of my favorite recipes inspired by my travels in locations FoodieTrip serves:


From Italia: A inverted pizza stuffed usually with mozzarella and tomatoes, and with ham (possibly). Italians consume it during meals as a antipasto, main course or snacks in the afternoon.

caprese galzone


From India: No matter where you walk in India, you will find plenty of street vendors who will call you to come check their booth


From East Asia: This dish is usually made of crispy chicken pieces but in this recipe I use Tofu, which are served in a sauce marrying sour, sweet and spicy flavors.

General Tao Tofu


From Greece: It’s traditionally eaten in pitas gyros, or placed on a plate on the table as an accompaniment to grilled meats and salads

vegan tzatziki


From Mexico: Spicy, sunny and full of freshness, the culinary art of Mexico has stood out for millennia.


Mexican couscous salad


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