30 days to a better you

30 Days to a Better You Challenge !

Making changes in his life is not necessarily easy task, especially when trying to create new lifestyle habits. That’s why in these challenges I suggest you take the time to go slowly over a period of 12 months, instead of going at high speed in your new year’s resolutions.

Every month we will explore a new theme, so after this year you will be able to find that little by little you have created new lifestyle habits .

Here are the 12 themes of this year.

1 month: Staying in the present moment

2nd month: Creating better relationships

3rd month: Be more active

4th Month : Pursuing My Dreams

5th month:More fresh food on my plate

6th Month: Be more creative

7th month: Fresh food in my plate 

8th month: Be more organized

9th month: Putting Healthy Food on My Plate

10th month: Set the seed of success

11th month: Step out of your Confort

one 12th month: Give back !

How to establish your resolutions:

1.Identify the resolution you want to work on during the month based on the theme. Write them down and keep it close so you can look at them during the day.

2 .Visualize these resolutions and encourage your brain to think differently and find new ways to achieve your desired outcomes. For example, if your resolutions is to cultivate more gratitude, imagine what it would look like and how you would feel to already have more gratitude in your life. For best results, repeat this visualization every day for the following month.

3. Remember why you decided to make this challenge and why it is so important to you. Focus on this importance and use it as a motivation!

4.Imagine the level of satisfaction you will feel after being able to focus on your personal aspirations during the month and achieving your resolutions. Gently bring your thoughts back to the present and take that feeling with you in the rest of your day.

That’s all for now guys, I hope you feel ready to make big changes in your life !  Let’s do it !



  1. I love such a challenges, I’ve done quite a few last year. They make life better, easier and help me to stay in the present moment and be more grateful. I’m sure that you’ve put a lot of work in preparing this one. I think I will join since January. 🙂

    • Thank you Adriana, you’re really kind ! I love this type of challenge to, they just make you so much more aware !
      Sophie 🙂