Washing your clothes without detergent is it possible?

For 6 months now I being doing my laundry without detergent.  When I’ve heard about the crystal balls wash I immediately found the concept interesting, but at the same time I was very skeptical. However I like to give a chance to a product that is supposed to be better for you and the environment.


washing your clothes without detergent

The concept of Crystal wash use Bio Ceramics of the earth, which can naturally clean clothes as effectively as laundry detergents. These special ceramic Bio has been developed using various minerals with antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties very effective.

The company says its bioceramic increase the water pH of 0.6 after only 15 minutes of exposure. This is important because it has been well documented that most bacteria grow between pH 6.5 and 7, by increasing the pH, Crystal Wash washed and disinfected your laundry. The largest claim of Crystal Wash is that the washing ball cleans your clothes up to 1,000 washes. For my part as I do 6  loads of laundry per week it suppose to last me up to 3 years.


crystal wash

Based on my experience with Crystal Wash I am pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. It also costs less than the current price of conventional detergent. The only downside is that stubborn stains should be treated before washing and for lovers of fragrances remember that there is none.  Also since I have been using this product for only 6 months I cannot yet ruled on its long-term effectiveness, is that the product will operate up to 1,000 washes? I hope ! I’m going to give you a update when the time will come.

I’m curious to know if any of you who have also tried this product. or if you have found other effective alternatives to traditional detergent. Let me know in the comments!


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